Security solutions

  • Cryptex MFA is a multi-modal, multi-factor authentication solution.
  • Cryptex is a quantum-resistant key management solution for enterprises.
  • Entropy as a Service (EaaS) for the enhancement of cryptosystems.

Introducing Real Random’s quantum-resistant, multi-factor solution: Cryptex MFA

Most types of encryption have a fundamental flaw: their source of entropy is ‘fixed.’ This has the same negative effect on encryption that contamination would have on a source of drinking water.

Here at Real Random, we’ve been approached by many clients who have experienced the adverse effects of this flaw while using other platforms. Fortunately, we have a simple tool that allows us to achieve true random entropy: physical dice. In addition, we allow users to embed that source of security into nearly any application and we offer a free app that delivers added account security.

Cryptex MFA offers valuable advantages to organizations and their employees that many competing applications lack:

  • Eliminate the risks of using SMS for multi-factor authentication.
  • Protect your privacy: our app does not track user data.
  • Incorporate this application directly into your software applications.
  • Tap into the power of Zentropy, Real Random’s revolutionary random number generator, which creates unique and secure keys for every user.
  • According to research, MFA prevents 99.9% of cybersecurity breaches.

Cryptex MFA is your path to maximum security with minimal effort.

To learn more about Cryptex, watch the video below.

Discover Cryptex

Real security. Real easy to use.

Cryptex is an innovative, web-based application that generates and manages passwords for enterprises. This application is self-hosted, which gives complete control to the user. Plus, Cryptex is the only white label software with custom branding for enterprises.

We use Zentropy to create unique, unpredictable and random passwords. In every case, they are created on the user’s device and encrypted before being stored, making them impossible to find.

Cryptex is:

Why Entropy as a service?

Random numbers are an essential component in the process of securing cryptosystems. However, the most common weakness in existing cryptosystems is the use of pseudo-random numbers to generate cryptographic keys.

These numbers are not truly random because they’re produced using a pseudo-random number generator, making it possible for an attacker to decipher a pattern and breach your cybersecurity. To help eliminate this risk, Real Random has developed a revolutionary solution to generate numbers that are truly random.

Real Random has created a new type of physical random bit generator, which mechanically randomizes physical objects to produce completely unpredictable bits. We use these bits to seed the generation of cryptographic keys, reducing the risk of predictability in cryptosystems.

Our entropy is truly random and true randomness = real security. We call this revolutionary technique Zentropy.


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