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Introducing Zentropy

Random numbers are an essential component to securing crypto-systems. The problem is these numbers are not truly random because they’re produced using a pseudo-random number generator; making it possible for an attacker to determine a pattern, leading to a cyber security breach. To help eliminate this risk, Real Random has developed a revolutionary solution to generate numbers that are truly random
One of the most common weaknesses in crypto-systems is the use of psuedo-random numbers to seed the generation of cryptographic keys. We have developed a new type of physical random bit generator, which mechanically randomizes physical objects to produce completely unpredictable bits. To reduce the risk of predictability in crypto-systems, we use these bits to seed the generation of cryptographic keys.

So our entropy really is random. And true randomness = real security.
We call this revolutionary technique, Zentropy.

Discover Cryptex

Real Security. Real easy to use.

Cryptex is our innovative enterprise web application for password generation and managment.

We use Zentropy to create unique, completely unpredictable passwords.

Passwords are created on the user’s device and then encrypted before they’re stored, so no one else can ever know them.

Our Story

Small Company. Big Invention.

Four years ago one of our co-founder’s inherited a patent for a gaming device, USPTO 6,394,901.

He began a journey to build his father-in-law’s dream: a craps game configured in a slot machine. The prototype was well received by casinos but rejected by the gaming companies because it afforded the customer a truly random number.

Today, we have evolved as a company to create an innovative technology that will disrupt cyber security best practices as we know them. Through perseverance and commitment to excellence, we have built and tested a system that can deliver true random numbers to any internet connected device.

Why we do it:
What’s a good invention if it can’t be shared? Our company was founded to share our technology and impact the world through enhancing existing and new crypto systems. There are multiple ways to generate cryptographically secure keys but a cryptographic system is only as strong as the source of randomness that it employs and to generate pure randomness requires a naturally occurring physical phenomenon, which RR has been able to accomplish.

How do we do it:
Deliver unpredictable random bits generated by our physical random bit generator that uses a mechanical process to produce them.

What we do:
Enhance existing and new crypto systems.

In an effort to progress further, Real Random is proud to serve as a collaborator working with N.I.S.T. to develop their “Entropy as a Service” initiative.
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